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Black Lives Matter: Netflix movies, TV shows and books that touch on systemic racism

Yesterday, 6:57 pm
Posted by jacelyn966
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The killing of George Floyd last month in Minneapolis has sparked protests across the US and around the world over racial injustice. Demonstrators have taken to the streets -- and to social media -- to voice their outrage at long-standing issues like police brutality and systemic racism and oppression.  

People are also sharing resources to help others better understand the issues at hand and to learn how to be better allies to black Americans. Dozens of books, novels, films and TV series addressing the discrimination that people of color face have been circulating online. Some have been recommended by libraries like the Chicago Public Library and the Oakland Public Library. One Twitter thread of antiracist children's books, shared by teacher Brittany Smith, went viral. And a Google doc compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein also shares several recommendations of what to watch and read. Netflix is now showcasing TV shows, movies and documentaries addressing racial injustice and the black experience.

Here are some recommendations pulled from those lists and crowdsourced from CNET staff.

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