Without investment business

Without investment business

Not everyone has enough money to start a business. And just because of this reason many people’s dream of a business just remains a dream. But if we can find an investment money that doesn’t mean we should not give up hope because now we start a without investment business. This seems impossible to most of the people but it is actually true. If you don’t have money to fulfil your wish then you should do it with the money and don’t let the investment become hindrance ion your way to success.

Ideas of without investment business.

Following are some of the without investment business ideas that you should consider if you want to become a successful business owner but don’t have investment money for it.

 Recruitment firm

A recruitment form is one of the without investment business ideas 5that you should consider about. To start up recruitment firm you don’t need any investment money just if you have a few contacts then you will be ready to go.


If you are a good photographer and have a really good camera then you can turn this hobby into A without investment business. You can cover and capture some major events even when you have no money. So if you are blessed with this talent then don’t let it go in waste but utilise it instead to start a great business.


Tutoring is also one of the best without investment business ideas. All you have to do would be help some students with the subject that y8ou are expert at and you will be getting paid for it easily. With the collaboration of some of the other tutors of different subjects you can start your very own website and can help students by providing help with studies in all the subjects.

Event planner

Event planning is a very profit earning and without investment business. People just pay you to plan their events and the best thing about this business is that you don’t even have to put money in it and will get paid very handsomely too.


Counselling is very important and without investment business. You will just get paid for advising someone about their life and for just listening to them. If you have good speaking skills this business can turn out to be a great business for you.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is great without investment business idea that you should think about if you are good at writing. Affiliate marketing you will have to market the company’s products by writing about them and publicising about them on the social Medias too. The companies will pay you then for all the praise of their products.


With good writing skills, you can start a without investment business of blogging too. It is one of the most famous online business ideas and has proved very best so far. So if you think you can do well at blogging then you should think about this business option too and for sure you won’t ever regret it.